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  Drakekiller custom choke tubes
Custom Choke Tubes - Custom Gun Works, Inc.
Kevin Hayer and his Father with a great shoot Kevin Hayer displays his shoot with a Drakekiller custom choke tube.

Custom Choke TubeThank you for your inquiry about Drakekiller custom choke tubes. If you are looking for a long range steel shot choke tube, you've come to the right place.

First, I would like to explain what a choke is, and what gives it designation. "Choke" really means constriction or lack of it. The more constriction to a point, the tighter the choke, the less constriction the more open the more open the choke. Chokes are measured by thousands of an inch. A choke gets its designation by how many thousands of an inch its taper is smaller than the barrels bore diameter. The standard 12 gauge bore is .730 thousands of an inch. Some gun manufactures are smaller and some are larger. The standard constrictions for the three most common chokes are Improved Cylinder .010 {IC}, Modified .018 {Mod}, and Full .036.

This brings us to one big problem, bores and chokes vary a lot. For example, I had a customer that brought in three shotguns. All were the same make and model, and by the way they were the most popular pump gun ever made. The first had a large bore diameter of .740, the next.730, and the third that measured .726. Now if we screwed in an IC tube that measured .720 in the first barrel we would get a constriction of .020 and you would have a tight Mod. constriction. Put that same choke in the in the barrel that had the .730 bore diameter and you would end up with .010 of constriction which would give us a IC choke. Over the years I have measured thousands of chokes and barrels and this is the norm not the exception. The only way to know for sure what you really have for choke constriction is to have your bore and chokes measured with a bore mike.

If you purchase a Drakekiller custom choke tube, it is made for YOUR guns bore diameter. Along with your tube you also will receive a list of approved loads. These loads have been field tested and patterned by me. These loads are broken down in three categories. Early season large Duck loads, late season large Duck loads, and Goose loads. The shells listed are standard steel loads and should be easy to find. Loads larger than BB CAN NOT be shot through this tube and are not needed. Chokes are made from 17-4 stainless steel, and are extended. 12 gauge only.

Drakekillers available for:
Standard Benelli/Beretta
Winchester/Browning Invector Plus
Benelli Crio Plus
Beretta Optima Plus

For further information you may call me at 701-232-8525 or Email me at and put Drakekiller on topic.

Custom Chokes Tubes

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