Custom Shotgun Choke Tubes

Thank you for your interest in a Drakekiller choke tube.  If you are looking for a long range choke tube you have come to the right place.  What makes a Drakekiller different from other shotgun chokes?

Choke TubesIf you purchase a Drakekiller, it will be made for YOUR guns bore diameter.  Why is this important?  To configure the inside of your Drakekiller to my specs, I need to know what your bores diameter truly is.  Manufacturers may claim to have bores at a standard diameter, but that’s not always the case.  I have measured a lot of bores in thirty years; the manufacturers standards are not very consistent.  For example, I had a customer bring in three barrels of the same make and model shotgun.  The first had a larger than normal bore diameter for the model (.740), the next barrel measured (.730), and the third was (.726).  Now, if we screwed in an improved cylinder marked tube constricted to .720 in the first barrel we would get a constriction of .020.  That would give you a slightly tight modified choke.  Put that same tube in the barrel with the .730 bore and you would end up with .010, which would give that barrel an improved cylinder choke.  It is common to have variations a few thousands of inches either side of the standard.

Along with your Drakekiller choke tube you will also receive a list of approved loads.  These loads are standard steel loads.  Shooting the right shell for what you are hunting and the conditions are very important.  These loads are broken down in three categories.  Early season large duck loads, late season large duck loads, and goose loads.  Loads larger then BB CAN NOT be used and are not needed.  These loads have been tested by me on the range and in the field.

custom choke tube

Drakekillers are made for the following style of tube configurations:

$85/Choke Tube + $5 Shipping

• Standard Beretta/Benelli Mobile choke: Factory length 2” long
• Invector Plus – Browning/Winchester: Factory length 2 3/8” long (Invector Plus DS-threads start 2 3/4 from bottom of tube. )
• Standard Remington: Factory length 2”
• Beretta Optima Plus: Factory length 2 ¾” – Threads begin ¾” from muzzle end.
• Benelli Crio Plus: Factory Length 2 ¾” – Threads begin ¾” from muzzle end.
• Beretta Optima HP: Factory Length 2 ¾” – Threads start 1/2” down from muzzle end.
• Remington Pro bore